Space for Law Firms in Midtown East

Best Space for law firms in the Midtown East Area between 15,000 and 40,000 square feet on one floor. There are 153 spaces in 41 properties that fit the above criteria. This Comprises approximately 3 million square feet available at an average asking rent of $71.21 per rsf. 4 of the spaces in 2 of the buildings say they are “Good for a Law Firms”. None of them made my list!!

Here is my list for 4th quarter 2017:

  • 375 Park Avenue – Great Building, 6 sides of windows, center core, terrific views. 29th and 32nd floors approximately 18,000sf each. This space is for an elite law firm that wants prestigious, fantastic space. Cost conscious, efficiency minded firms need not look at this one. Although, the 29th is a sublet, maybe we could get a deal.
  • 570 Lexington Avenue – 3 lower floors of approximately 19,500 square feet. Although it is an older building, it’s a “classic” in a great location. The floor plates are far from rectangular and even though they don’t have a center core, the irregular shaped plan could work nicely for a law firm. Excellent price, this is a value deal.
  • Park Avenue Plaza – Now this is an unusually shaped floor. However, I think it is a magnificent building, and would work great for a law firm. The 42nd through44th floors are available approximately 31,500sf each. Fantastic views, great location make this building one of the favorites.
  • 277 Park Avenue – The 49th floor of this building measuring almost 25,000 square feet would make a great law firm space. The building is well located near Grand Central, lots of windows and great views. I’m sure the price will be around $100 per square foot but well worth it.
  • 299 Park Avenue – the 37th through 40th floors measuring approximately 30,000 square feet each with 4 sides of windows and center core are classic law firm floors. Great building, well located with fantastic views. Also likely to be over $100 per square foot.
  • 800 Third Avenue – Although this floor is sub 15,000sf and side core, it still looks good for a small law firm. There are 5 sides of windows, ample interior space and an excellent view. This space would work nicely for an 11,000sf law firm. 






  • 485 Lexington Avenue – Unusually shaped floor offers 7 Corner offices. Center core good amount of interior space. Well located building, good landlord. The 16th and 17th floors are available with approximately 28,000sf each. Good value.






(Source: Costar)

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