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Space for Law Firms on the Sixth Avenue Corridor

We looked for space on the Sixth Avenue Corridor, between 15,000 and 40,000 square feet on one floor.  Here are some of the best ones:

1301 Sixth Avenue – One of the best spaces I’ve seen for a law firm. High floor, great building, approximately 21,000 sf.  A high end installation just built as expansion space for a prominent law firm. Fully furnished and wired, long term sublet available.






1290 Sixth Avenue – Great Space for a law firm  A high end installation with a large useable terrace. Excellent light and views, room for numerous partner, and associate windowed offices. Approximately 25,500 square feet.






1221 Sixth Avenue – Great Space for a law firm It might be long and narrow but plenty of interior space for assistants, interior offices and conference rooms. Excellent light and views, Approximately 25,250 square feet.





1185 Sixth Avenue – Very nice well located building. Part of a block of 14 contiguous 27,000sf floors. Good rectangular floor plate, center core, good light, modest views from mid-rise floors.