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Space for Law Firms Near Grand Central

We looked for space in the Grand Central Area, between 15,000 and 40,000 square feet on one floor. According to Costar, there are 150 spaces in 39 properties that fit the above criteria. This Comprises approximately 6 million square feet available at an average asking rent of $73 per rsf.

485 Lexington Avenue – looks good for a law firm, they have 3 full floors available 27,000sf to 38,000sf. 7 Corner offices per floor, abundance of windows and center core design. Reasonably priced.


150 East 42nd St. – 4 tower floors of approximately 24,000sf ea with a rectangular center core floor-plate and 4 sides of windows with excellent views. Reasonably priced sublease. Sample floor plan:




101 Park Avenue – Beautiful building, the floor plan is a little unusual but looks like it lays out well for a law firm. They have full mid-rise floors of 24,250 square feet and hi-rise floors of 26,400

666 Third Avenue – The 21st Floor of 18,481 square feet looks excellent for a law firm. 4 sides of windows, center core. The base floors look a little difficult because they have an additional 5,000sf “tail” that would be difficult to design. Great location, reasonable price.

140 E 45th St (Grand Central Tower) – The entire 33rd or 21st floors of 16,000sf each have excellent views and an abundance of windows. The smaller floor plate would provide adequate interior space with numerous exterior offices.


450 Lexington Avenue – Entire 40th floor, 21,097 square feet. Great building, center core, top floor, high ceilings, rectangular floor designed with additional corner offices.


390 Madison Avenue – Magnificent new building. Their tower floors 27 through 32, approximately 19,000 square feet each would be great for a law firm.

90 Park Avenue – Part of the 17th floor, 21,761rsf or the entire 16th or 18th floors of approx. 26,000sf lays out well for a law firm. Good building, looks a bit expensive though.





200 Park Avenue – Always a great building for law firms. 44,000 square foot floors that they will divide has many windows and the ability to provide a mix of window offices and interior space that would accommodate today’s law firm.

605 Third Avenue – Magnificent views from the tower floors. Entire 30th, 31st and 37th to 42nd floors of approximately 21,000sf each have center cores and 4 sides of windows are very efficient, making them an excellent choice for law firms.


(Source: Costar)