55 Hudson Blvd.

Here’s why 55 Hudson Boulevard is the best building ever built for law firms.

  1. The Floor Plan55 hudson blvdThe floor plan allows for maximum exterior offices, a perfect depth of window to core which facilitates a line of interior offices maximum efficiency and maximum flexibility
  2. Building Features –
    1. Unobstructed corner views
    2. 10′-0″  finished ceiling height
    3. 9′-0″ of vision glass with 1′-0″ sill
    4. 4′-9″ wide window module
    5. Single path circulation
    6. Shallow floorplate
    7. No perimeter induction units
    8. Configured for interconnecting stairs
    9. Efficient core configuration
    10. No interior columns
    11. On-floor, independent HVAC system
    12. Modern, destination-dispatch  vertical transportation system
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